Morocco, Yoga, and the exciting future of the two!

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know i was recently in Morocco, and I moved around quite a lot! I was in cities, mountains, and the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert.

Several of those nights were spent at Om Yoga, a retreat centre in Casablanca and in Marrakesh. My friend and I were welcomed so warmly by the staff there — a family of yoga lovers and practitioners.

It reminded me that yoga really is universal. Om Yoga is a family run business and like all yoga-based businesses should be, their core mission is to share yoga and spread love to everyone through yoga. 

I was so happy to sit with the team and discuss their upcoming yoga festival, the first in Morocco, coming up this summer, where all proceeds will go to supporting Yoga for Africa and bringing yoga to everyone in Morocco, not just to the people who live in the cities with a yoga studio. 

It’s so exciting to think of where this project will be in a few years, with the passion and dedication behind it which I saw at Om Yoga. 

Even though I won’t be able to take part physically in the festival this year due to plans of being elsewhere already, I feel it would be an honour for me to be an advocate for this festival from afar, and perhaps be able to go in person next year! 

For more details about this festival, click here:

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I encourage you to check out Om Yoga if you’re in Morocco! I mean, look at that beautiful studio! Here’s their website: