I love to share! 

The following brands are the ones I use myself and love! And I'm not going to keep that to myself. Have a look at what my favourite brands and products are, as well as discount codes for some of them!

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Alo Yoga

All my yoga clothes (and casual wear too!) is from Alo. I don't wear anything else! They're super stylish, comfortable, and GREAT quality. Plus they're all about spreading the yoga love, and their environmental principles are aligned to mine i.e. they care about the planet! 

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institute for integrative nutrition

I studied to become a Health Coach with the IIN and recommend them to anyone who's interested in deepening their own knowledge of health and wellbeing, nutrition, and how to help others!

With my referral, you can get a big discount from your tuition. Give my name when you sign up for your money off!


liforme yoga mat

In my opinion, this is the best mat in the world. It's kind to the planet, being made with natural materials, it's non-slip and the alignment markers help take your practice to the next level!  

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lissom shoes

As a traveller, I appreciate lightweight shoes. But they're also just mega comfy and also pretty! Use code ADELL10 for 10% off!


Spruce naturals deodorant

I've tried so many different natural deodorants. This is the best one I've come across! It doesn't wear off after a few hours like other natural deodorants, or just plain not work. It really keeps me odor free ALL DAY! I love it. 

Use my code "ADELL" for 10% off!


natural shilajit

I had no idea what shilajit was until a few months ago! I decided to try it out, just having a tiny bit every day. I felt noticeable increases in my energy levels and immunity. It's very high in vitamins and minerals and also very versatile! Try it today using my referral link:


infinity strap

A great prop for helping you towards the correct alignment in many postures! It has helped me with my handstands and arm balances and I would love for you to benefit too!

Use code ADELLYOGA for 10% off