A different approach to King Dancer

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This is one of my favorites for opening and strengthening for backbends! 

First: Remember☝️I share my practice. You do your practice. They may be very very different and that is beautiful.

Step 1️⃣ first lift the heel to the butt and arms up over head (flexing the foot helps prevent hamstring discomfort!) 2️⃣ then point the toes and lift the chest up while you bring your arms back.

These two moves are superb for strengthening the back body muscle groups, which will help in backbends.

This is especially useful for all the flexible bendy floppy people out there who can pull or fling themselves into dancer pose but want to build strength.

Step 3️⃣ may come with time, where contact is made between hand and foot. It may not. Step three is fun, but it’s not the point