Handstand science


Scientific Fact: There are over 7 billion ways to learn a handstand. Yup! Because learning to handstand is going to be different for every single person, depending on your body, your background, and your thoughts and attitudes towards handstanding.

So I never want to suggest that there’s a “wrong” way to do a handstand. However, there are three tips I’d like to share that may be helpful, based on what I’ve seen from my students and what I’ve learned in my own handstanding journey:

1️⃣! Use your legs to help you get up there! By engaging! Whether you’re kicking up to a wall or in the middle of the room, jump off the bottom leg but also LIFT that top leg up to the sky! It will help you stay controlled and help you to get: 

2️⃣! Hips over wrists: I know you wanna get your feet up there but your feet aren’t where your centre of gravity is. Your hips are! Once your hips are over your foundation (your hands), you’ll get a feel for having your body’s weight entirely on your hands, and you’ll start to learn and build strength in this position.

3️⃣! Balance with your hands. When you stand on your feet, you don’t sway your hips or head around to keep balanced! No, your feet and your toes are doing the work. Same story with your hands in handstand. Your fingers should be digging into the mat, working hard to keep you balanced! If your fingers aren’t working, then you need to shift more weight towards them and away from the base of the hand.

BONUS TIP: look in between your hands. This drishti won’t work for everyone but in my experience it’s what works for most.

So that’s four tips of about 7,228,829,629 total handstanding tips that I’m sure are out there. This may work for you, it may not. You’re not wrong though; you’re learning! I’m learning! We are all learning! It’s fun!!