How do you Bakasana?


How do you Bakasana? I think there’s no wrong way to crow; I even usually tell my students “don’t look down at your hands, instead look forward to keep your chest up!” ....except top middle photo I’m definitely not taking my own advice! So you wrong way to crow.

HOWEVER, while some variations are fun, there are others that offer a stronger foundation to build upon, for things such as flying your crow! 

So which one do I suggest? The photo in the middle! With the knees at the back of the elbows, your hips sit nicely on top of your wrists. And that is the key for any balance: your center of gravity over your foundation. You’re fighting against gravity less with the knees here at the back of the elbows (as opposed to higher up the arms) and it’s a much easier place to start if you want to eka pada your crow (one leg lifted!), or transition to another posture like chaturanga .

Other tips: - use your fingers! Your weight goes forward towards the fingers, not in the heel of the hand. Those digits are your best friends in arm balances .

- keep the core engaged. Lift up through the lower abdominals. Squeeeeze! .

- unless you’re doing the switch gaze, don’t look straight down at your hands. Keep your gaze slightly ahead .

- PRESS the mat away from you, engage those shoulder muscles (think almost like cat pose) .

- trust yourself. You got this! 💪