Journey > Goal


Don’t let the goal get in the way of the journey... I often see when people are working to jump to handstand or jump forward to uttanasana, their goal is to get their feet up. And it’s true, you do want your feet up.

But if you’re ONLY getting your feet up and leaving your hips behind, you’ll never control your momentum.

Instead, think “hips up”. Get your hips as high over your hands as you can. Even if for a split second, feel your entire body’s weight in your hands and PUSH the floor away. Your shoulders may even travel beyond your wrists in order to keep your body’s weight stacked over your foundation (your hands).

This applies for any jumps forward, backwards, or upwards: your centre of gravity (typically the hips) should stay over the foundation (often the hands) in order to control and float 🤙 .

Any questions: come to my workshops 😉