Headstand, not kickstand


It’s great to be ambitious in reaching your goal, but don’t forget the steps along the way! (In yoga postures and in life 😊) 

Here’s an example. It may feel like kicking up to headstand with one leg up will get you to your goal faster. But most of the time this opens the hip to the side causing a twist, and when you jump you’re giving yourself momentum which you then have to stop while upside down! The risk in falling is much higher! 

Try this instead: find the balance on your head and forearms with your feet low to the ground first, bringing your centre of gravity (the hips) over your foundation (your head). And then slowly lift the legs, one at a time, and then upwards as if each centimetre is a step along the journey. This is not only safer for the neck and head, but also a great strength builder to make you more controlled in your inversions