Lizard Love


Lizard is one of my favourite postures. I do it every day and it always makes it into my sequences. There are probably 836176 (roughly 😆) variations and to me they all feel lush! 

Lizard is an awesome posture to spend time in if you’re working on your split (hanumanasana)...

...if you want to open the hip flexors for your backbends...

...or for any of those poses that I call “the compass family” ie anything that requires getting your knee behind your shoulder/upper arm such as elephant pose, bird of paradise, or compass pose! 

It’s also a pose that has lots to offer for transitions in and out—you can get here simply by stepping one leg forward and bringing the hands down to the inside of the front foot, or get creative—come at it from malasana, standing split, or scandasana.

Once you’re there, keep the muscles engaged by squeezing the thighs together, pulling your belly in, and squeezing your butt!