Open Frontwards to Bend Back

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I began doing backbends by folding backwards into my lower back. I didn’t know any different. Eventually lower back pain taught me that my flexible lower back wasn’t healthy doing all the bending while my chest, shoulders, and hip flexors stayed mostly static.

I used to think about backbends as…well…bending my back. But now I focus on opening all along the front side of my body and stabilising my pelvis with engaged glutes.

This is a nice way to build the strength, flexibility, and proprioception to go backwards into backbends. You can apply this to a camel variation on the knees, or dropping back to wheel from your feet.

Make sure to: 

☝️ engage the glutes .

☝️ lift the chest UP .

☝️ press the hips forward .

☝️ keep your centre of gravity over your foundation for control .

Keep lifting up with the chest as you start to lengthen the arms back behind you. Think LENGTH .

Do this several times but ☝️only go back to a point where you can still come back up the way you came, slowly and with control. Don’t worry about going all the way back to your hands; it’s just about building the mobility . .

This is great for opening and strengthening the hip flexors and quads which will help in all of your backbends .

Also: stretch your forearms. This helps massively in many backbends!