An important backbending tip

adell bridges backbend

Does this sound familiar? 👉 You’re doing your backbends, opening up and then you go for wheel pose. You take a break, hug your knees into your chest (because it feels so right!) and then go for another wheel pose.

But what happens while you’re curled up is you undo a lot of the opening you’ve done! In a practice with lots of backbends, if you want to go deeper and deeper, then instead of curling up in a ball or doing a forward fold, rest with a neutral spine.

Allow your spine to go back into its natural curvature but don’t flex it into the opposite shape you’re aiming for!

My rest pose of choice is a #suptabaddhakonasana but you may choose to rest your knees together with the feet wide, or take a bridge pose, or just lay flat.

But RESIST THE URGE to curl up, because that just squeezes the intervertebral discs in the opposite way.

Once you’re finished with your backbending, then of course, take a nice forward fold! But not till you’re finished ☺️

☝️ Bonus Tip!! Twists will help you throughout your backbending practice. Twist before to open up the thoracic spine, and twist after to neutralise the spine again.

Come to my backbending workshops to flow with me in my favourite backbends and see what you can achieve!