How to use a wall for your handstand

adell bridges handstand

The wall is my favourite handstand prop!

Use a wall to:
- learn how it feels to be upside down . - build the upper body strength to support yourself .
- work on getting the alignment of a strong handstand . .
But to take what Wall teaches you and bring it to the centre of the room, we gotta trust ourselves

Kicking up into the wall can be helpful if you keep the integrity of your alignment, meaning BEND A KNEE to reach the foot back there, rather than arching in the back and losing control of your core.
But also, walk the feet up the wall and handstand facing the wall. This is where you can really learn to lean towards the fingers and grip grip grip the floor to find that sweet spot of balance.

Hint: the sweet spot is where it may feel like you’re beginning to fall. Trust yourself. If you do fall, look at where you’re going, and cartwheel out.

ONE MORE TIP: photograph or video yourself. It’s super crazy hard to know what your alignment is while you’re up there. Take a video so you can see what you’re doing and where you may need to adjust to create a strong straight line!