More Butt Power!!

adell bridges booty

However you feel about booties, I can assure you postures and transitions are easier with more BUTT POWER 😁

Honestly I think a lot of yoga kind of neglects the glutes, and they are not a muscle group that should be neglected!! But you can deffo get butt gains within your yoga practice if you add variations like these!

β€’ if you get a crampy hamstring when you pull your heel to your butt in these, then dorsiflex your foot (toes towards shin)

β€’ these variations will strengthen the hamstrings and low back too. That’s good. They all work together

β€’ for more booty work, keep the heel as close to the butt as possible as you move in and out of these postures.

What are some other asanas you can add a heel-to-butt to?