Work your Gluteus Medius

adell bridges butt

Let’s talk glutes! Booty muscles! They’re so important for ... 🤔 everything! But while a lot of us can think “squeeze” and get the biggest muscle—the gluteus maximus—working, often the gluteus medius isn’t doing much!

The glute med (for short) is what wraps around the outside of the pelvis and you’ll feel it switch on if you take your leg to the outside like shown in this image!

The glute med is a hip abductor, which means it aids in bringing the legs out to the side and plays a role in internal and external rotation. If this is weak (and a LOT of people’s are!) then your glutes AS A WHOLE won’t be able to do their job of stabilising the pelvis and helping in every day functional movement

Add these moves to your yoga practice and let me know what you think!