Yoga for Strength!

adell bridges yoga

I’ve never loved the gym or using machines or weights. For me, using my body weight and gravity is the best way to gain strength!

And if you know anything about my practice you’ll know it’s about building strength to stabilise the joints, and not about flexibility.

So this is one of my favourite things to add into my practice: one leg up!

The challenge is not to lose form. Especially in something like a high plank — keep the core engagement and a solid straight line. It’s not about adding a backbend! However strengthening those booty muscles will help your backbends!! 🍑💪

If you love adding vinyasas to your practice and regularly flow through plank->chatutanga->upward dog, then try this variation and lemme know how you find it! Keep the leg up as you raise the hips to downward facing dog 💪💪