Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long have you been practicing yoga?

    My yoga journey began in March 2015.  I was 29 and a physical therapist recommended it to me to deal with issues in my body due to my gymnastics background.  My background as a gymnast definitely helps with my physical practice, and has helped with my overall strength and flexibility. But through yoga I feel stronger, fitter, and more balanced than I ever did before!

  • What kind of yoga do you practice?

    My personal practice is greatly inspired by my gymnastics background, so I love adding lots of inversions and arm balances! I mostly do Vinyasa yoga — a type of yoga that flows through sequences of postures and not holding any posture for longer than a few breaths. Vinyasa is a style that allows for practitioners and teachers to be creative, to have fun with their sequences, and flow in a way that best suits the class, the time, the mood. Therefore, this style appeals to me, although I do enjoy other styles as well!

  • Where are you based?

    I have no permanent base. In January 2017 I gave away all my things apart from what I could fit in my suitcase, and I began travelling full time. I may settle down somewhere eventually, but for now I love being a nomad!

  • How did you become a travelling yoga teacher? Do you like it? Any advice for someone thinking about living this lifestyle?

    This is perhaps the question I get asked most. So I created this video on YouTube for anybody interested in doing the same:

    My journey as an international travelling yoga teacher began with assisting Dylan Werner in Asia, so I had a great mentor to get me started! I went with him to Nicaragua, and then he left to continue his travels while I stayed for 2 months to teach there. While there I was able to figure out my next steps. 

    Here’s my advice:
    Have a little bit of money in the bank. You don’t need much, but just enough to look after yourself if you have a few weeks of no income while you figure out where you’ll teach. 

    Then book a flight.  Just go! It’s scary, and it can be lonely, and difficult, and not what you expected, but just go where you want to go. Then take yoga classes, meet yogis, talk to studios, connect with people, build relationships. Be open and adventurous! 

    Or plan ahead. I’m not much of a planner but there are numerous websites that list jobs around the world for yoga studios. Start with that, and while you’re on a 2-month gig in one place, use your free time to set up your next adventure.

  • How can I start yoga?

    Yoga is very much a journey and a whole lifestyle. This means it's going to be totally different for each individual, which is what's so beautiful about the practice!

    If you are looking to start a yoga practice, then my suggestion is to begin by trying out lots of different styles, and lots of different teachers. Find what works for you. Find what makes you leave a class feeling GREAT!

    And you don't have to go to a group class either. There are dozens of apps and YouTube videos and websites out there that allow you to practice in your own home. This is how I got started!

    Whatever you do, just keep at it. Don't judge yourself. Just listen to your body, and be aware of what your mind's reaction is to what your body tells you. Just keep practising, whether it's 10 minutes of closing your eyes and breathing, or 4 hours of sweating through vinyasa. Physically show up to your mat, mentally show up to yourself.

    There's no one path, no right or wrong. Trust yourself.