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I'm Adell.

A world travelling yoga teacher and health coach. Yoga has literally changed my life for the better in every way, and so it’s my desire and passion to share this powerful practice with as many people as I can.

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Upcoming Events

  • July 28th 2019 | London, England

    Hypermobility in Yoga ONLY TWO SPACES LEFT

    HYPERMOBILITY AND YOGA: DAY IMMERSION: with me and Celest Pereira!

    DATE: 28 July

    TIME: 8:45am-5pm

    LOCATION: 120a Lower Road, Canada Water, London, SE16 2UB

    COST: £150

    There will be 5 sections in the following topics:

    - Morning Practice: Get Moving with Celest and Adell

    We'll start the day with a yoga class specifically designed for hypermobile people, to get your joints stable and leave you feeling strong in your bendy body.

    - Workshop: Biomechanics of a hypermobile person

    Learn the fundamentals of what exactly is happening in your body when you move, and when those movements aren't happening the way we want them to. Then learn how to take that awareness and bring more activation to the muscles. We know your chakras are aligned, so let's get your biomechanics aligned too!

    - Workshop: Yoga Survival Kit

    By now, we know what to do in our bodies to make sure they stay healthy. But in this section we'll build up a little "google translate" from typical yoga teacher language into hypermobile yogi language, so that when you hear certain cues in a yoga class, you'll know how to modify for your body! We'll also share our guide to the most important tips to keep in mind as you go into ANY yoga class, whether it's on your own at home or with your favourite teacher.

    - Lecture and Discussion:

    Let's take a few to sit and chat now. Any questions remaining will be answered here. We'll also discuss some of the psychosomatic symptoms that come with hypermobility and what to do about those.

    - Relaxation

    Finally, we will end this mega day with something that's important for us all, (but especially hypermobile people because of our tendencies to anxiety and fatigue): we'll relax. In this final section of the day, we'll learn some simple and effective techniques to help our superhuman bendy bodies feel calm and rested.

    If you are keen to come, please email Celest Pereira at for payment information.

  • Sept 13th - Sept 15th, 2019 | Norwich, England

    Happy Om Studio

    I'm pleased to be returning to Happy Om Studio to share more! This time I'm teaching 4 workshops:

    Fri 13th Sept:

    18:30-21:00 ~ Get Your Feet Up Masterclass

    Sat 14th Sept:

    10:00-12:30 ~ The Power of Transitions Workshop

    14:30-17:00 ~ Put Your Backbend Into It Workshop

    Sun 15th Sept:

    10:00-12:30 ~ Get More Hangtime Handstands Workshop

    For more details, click the name of the studio.

  • Sept 27th - Sept 29th 2019 | Bratislava, Slovakia

    Ultimate Freedom Festival

    I will be teaching 3 classes at this festival which takes place on September 27-29th 2019.

    For more details, click the name of the festival.

  • October 18th 2019 | London, England

    Om Yoga Show London

    I will be teaching a 60-minute vinyasa flow at ths Om Yoga Show this year!

    "LOOK MA! NO HANDS!" This fun and flowing vinyasa class will take you through familiar postures but in an unfamiliar way. Explore the difference that you feel when you move into and out of postures without using your hands to get you there! This class may challenge you, but not in the way you think -- it's about understanding ourselves a little deeper and sometimes that means our egos take a bruising. So that's why we'll laugh and just have fun with it as we move through these variations that will get the whole body moving, opening, and feeling great!

    Click on "Om Yoga Show" at the top for more info!

  • June 2020 | Yoga Teacher Training | Portugal

    50-Hour Yoga Teacher Training for Hypermobility

    50-hour Teacher Training course with me and Celest Pereira for hypermobility: learn what it means to be hypermobile, how to spot it in your students, and how to properly cue, modify, and assist your hypermobile students so they can practice yoga safely.

    More info coming soon!

“Very proud of my very first 22-second handstand hold. Your workshop made this possible, thank you!
— Anja, Paris
Thank you so much for today’s class. I haven’t taken a class in a year, and I’ve been wanting to get back into it... Thank you for your energy and patience, it was worth the drive, and I look forward to attending any class you teach the next time you’re near me. You rock for real for real.”
— Chloe, New York City
I really enjoyed today’s handstand workshop. I feel that I made real progress today and I’m going to keep working at it. Thank you so much”
— David - New Jersey

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